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Malcolm Bennett - LLB ACC.FM

"Complicated and difficult issues are resolvable with the assistance of an experienced, accredited mediator. What is required is a commitment to make the effort and a mediator who understands the issues."

Bluewater Mediation helps you reach your own agreements about the issues that matter to you. Whether you are planning to live together or marry, experiencing separation or divorce, planning for the care of a family member, facing challenges as a blended family, or wanting to resolve issues arising from the passing of a loved one, Bluewater Mediation can assist you in reaching agreement and resolution in a confidential, respectful, and compassionate environment.

Family and Divorce Mediation

Family mediation is a voluntary process, where a neutral mediator supports family membesr to make decisions, often but not always in the context of... Read More

Family Mediation-Arbitration

Mediation-Arbitration is a blended process to assist in resolving family issues, which combines mediation with the possibility of a final, binding... Read More

Elder and Estates Mediation

Care needs arising from the aging of loved ones, or from special needs of adult children, can be uniquely stressful for family members... Read More



Accredited Mediation Services in London and Toronto. Please call for more information. Services available in other locations by special arrangement.

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