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NEWS: 18 Things You Can’t Get in Court by Lorne Wolfson

The Lawyers Weekly Eighteen Things You Can't Get in Court by Lorne Wolfson [Article in Full Below] "Skilled family mediators and negotiators will emphasize to parties the things they can obtain in a settlement, but not from a court." Here are 18 of them: 1. Confidentiality The courts are very reluctant to order the sealing of a court file. Since a reported decision may attract the attention of creditors, Canada Revenue Agency, Children's Aide, the police, professional discipline bodies, … [Read More...]

Book Review: Mom’s House, Dad’s House, Making Two Homes for Your Child

By Guest Blogger: Melissa, separated parent of 3 children. This book is a must-read guide for parents who are separated, divorced, or re-partnered. Author Isolina Riccci charts a constructive course for divorcing parents how to navigate the new landscape of two homes for their children. This book will help you build this new family life, two homes with no fighting. The book encourages parents to start with the basic premise that: “Children Love, Want, and Need Both Parents.” Both parents … [Read More...]

New Ways Program for Separating Couples

Bluewater Mediation is pleased to share information about ‘New Ways for Families’ (‘New Ways’), a very helpful program available to separating couples who are about to start mediation. The focus of the program is to prepare separating couples to make their own decisions for their families in the most effective way possible. Each participant works with their own New Ways coach for two to three one-hour sessions, separate from the other participant. This is not therapy, but focused on how to … [Read More...]