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Mediation and Case Settlement; Two Different Processes

I read an interesting article in the Harvard Negotiation Law Review on comparing, or perhaps more correctly, contrasting the process of mediation and case settlement. I would like to highlight key elements from the article. I found the article quite compelling for me and reinforced why I believe in the mediation process as a better way to achieve resolution. In a court proceeding, we are all familiar with the settlement conference which is a case settlement process. As in mediation, it … [Read More...]

Mediating a Cohabitation or Marriage Contract

Parties who find themselves wanting a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract will quickly find that those discussions are sensitive and emotionally charged. Sometimes there is additional pressure exerted on the parties by family who recommend such a contract be put in place. It is vitally important that the parties be able to communicate the reasons why one or both may want such a contract as a precondition to living together or marrying. They both need to be clear as to their … [Read More...]

Calculating Child and Spousal Support

Child support is calculated according to the Child Support Guidelines which is a table that stipulates the amount of child support based on income  and the number of dependent children. Child support is normally adjusted annually with the most current income being used to make any appropriate adjustment to the support amount. As a guide to determining the amount of spousal support , the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are used . These guidelines generate a range of spousal support … [Read More...]