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Can We Mediate Without Being in the Same Room?

Yes. Mediation is a highly adaptable process. Sometimes people are in the same room through the process; sometimes people are not in the same room at all. More often it is a combination of these two possibilities.   If there is a high level of conflict, or other reasons why you do not wish to be in the same room as your former spouse, the process can be what is called a “shuttle mediation”. In shuttle mediation, each of you is in a different room throughout the mediation, and the mediator … [Read More...]

Can the Mediator Interview our Children to Find out What They Want? Can the Children Attend Mediation?

At Bluewater, usually children are not brought into the mediation process, at least not directly, whether through an interview or having them attend the mediation itself. This is to make sure they are not caught in the middle of their parents and are shielded from conflict between their parents. More than anything at separation, kids need to be shielded from parental conflict.   Where children are older and there is a shared commitment to hearing their views, the mediator will talk with … [Read More...]

Do We Have to Agree Before we Come to Mediation?

No. Mediation is for “hard cases” too.   There is a common misconception that mediation is only for cases where separating spouses get along and already agree on most things.   Mediation is much more than that, and is useful also in cases that seem deadlocked at the outset. Even very difficult situations are resolvable in mediation.   Difficult issues that can be resolved in mediation include: where a parent wants to move with the children; where one person feels support is … [Read More...]