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Choosing a mediator is a really important decision and I would suggest that in choosing a mediator. You need to consider the following: first of all what issues do you have is it? Are the parenting issues? Are they financial issues? Are there issues with property? Obviously lawyers are more adapted dealing with financial and property matters, the mental health professionals. Some mediators do, parenting issues, some don’t. So you need to inquire with the Mediator what they’re comfortable doing. In choosing a mediator, it’s also important to recognize that mediators some are accredited some aren’t.

That’s not to suggest that either one couldn’t do a good job. But the accreditation process is one where standards mediators have to meet standards so accreditation is an important and the other important factor is experience. Has the mediator been doing it for a long time? Have they had a lot of experience? So that’s important too. But I think the most important thing in choosing a mediator is that there’s going to be a person who’s going to communicate with you. They’re going to facilitate the discussion with you and your partner and so it’s important that you feel comfortable with them that you feel that they will be able to fill that role.

Communicate both legal information that you need and simply to facilitate the discussion that you’re going to have sort of trust building, a trust and confidence in your mediator is essential. So make sure that you have the opportunity to meet the mediator, first before you retain them just to make sure that they are a good fit for you.