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About Bluewater Mediation


Over 40 Years Experience

I have been mediating and arbitrating family law and estate matters for 12 years. I carried on my mediation/arbitration practice in addition to my legal practice until December 31, 2017 at McKenzie Lake Lawyers. After 42 years of practicing family law, I decided to retire from private practice to devote my time to mediation and arbitration in family and estate matters.

I am an accredited Family Mediator (ACC FM) with the Ontario Association of Family Mediators (OAFM ) and a member of its Board of Directors. I decided to become an accredited family mediator as I came to believe that mediation was a much better process for separated couples to preserve and maintain relationships for themselves and their children rather than the traditional adversarial approach.

Mediation has a high degree of success in resolving matters arising from separation. I use an interest based negotiation that seeks to satisfy each person’s needs, interest and goals in a facilitative and respectful environment. My experience as a family law lawyer assists the parties in working together through the process of dealing with parenting, financial and property issues.

Bluewater Mediation was acquired from my friend and colleague Justice Lene Madsen after she was appointed a Justice of the Superior Court of Ontario in September 2016.

We are committed to the same high standards of skill and experience that has become associated with Bluewater Mediation. Bluewater assists families undergoing separation to self-determination through a collaborative, facilitative process that is efficient, respectful, timely and less expensive than other processes.