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So to answer the question why would you choose to mediate? I think the most important factor is the fact that it is, you making decisions for you and your family. Separation is an extremely difficult time. There can be conflict. There are children involved you want to make sure that they are not impacted by the process.

So my clients. Find that mediation is a good process because it is collaborative. They are talking and resolving their own matters. It’s confidential so anything. This discussed in mediation cannot be used outside of mediation. It is a closed mediation process.

And important for my clients is that we can address it in a timely way. We can work through mediations, having sessions usually of 2, 1/2 to 3 hours in length. And as many sessions are required to move through those issues. But in the timing of things we’re talking months and not. Subject to the long delays that often we find in the court system that is very important to my clients because they want to come to closure. They want to move their family forward and I think that the mediation addresses that. That those goals for them very well. The other part of mediation is that since it is going to be their agreement. It’s more likely to be successful, it is something that they’ve created themself. It hasn’t been imposed on them. They have been vested with making those decisions and as such, it in most cases bodes well for the future in moving their family through this difficult time.