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So let me tell you a little bit about the mediation process. If you decide to come without a lawyer. All of my cases start with an intake meeting. I have an intake form that I provide my clients.

They complete the intake form and then I meet with them separately and the purpose of the intake meeting is threefold first of all. It is a screening interview, I screen for domestic violence and power imbalance, which we as an accredited mediator With the OHAFM ask all our mediators to do that is really important that be done that intake meeting is as I said separate and it’s confidential. After the intake meeting if I judged that the parties are appropriate for mediation. We set up a mediation sessions. The sessions run probably 2, 1/2 to 3 hours in length and through the process theirs maybe 3, Four, five sessions, depending on how long it takes the parties to come to resolution on the matters they have to discuss. During the process of course, we are meeting collaboratively in the sessions.

I’m giving legal information that people need in order to make decisions for themselves and the number of sessions just depends on their ability to come to agreement on issues. We will often breakdown the sessions. Maybe 1 or 2 sessions talk about parenting, 1 Financial, 1 property, depending upon what is required often in the first mediation session there may be more immediate issues that we have to address. Such as financing or parenting schedule, so if there are immediate issues.

It’s good to be able to discuss those sooner than later. So we try to schedule that first mediation session as soon as the schedules allow in order to get that process moving as we move through the process. We assist the clients in getting the documents that are required to make Full disclosure to each other and we make sure that we’re reporting to you after each mediation session, I send you progress notes. And at the end of the sessions, when there is seems to be an agreement in place. I will draft your separation agreement for you to review.

We will meet one more time to look it over ask questions, maybe make some changes or edits and from that point. We certainly recommend that you get some independent legal advice before you go ahead and finalize and sign that agreement.