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So let me tell you a little bit about elder mediation. Elder mediation is bringing families into mediation on a proactive basis. Where there’s issues that have arisen with respect to their elderly parent or parents, It could be a diagnosis of early dementia. It could be other issues, such as abuse financial or physical if they have caregivers or someone looking after their finances. And in bringing the family members together in mediation, the mediator than facilitates a discussion to provide for family planning for their parent or parents dealing with these issues, including all the members of the family, including sometimes caregivers in order to come to effective solutions for the issues at hand.

And doing it in that way It’s hoping that we can achieve a level of cooperation and the ability of the children and other members of the family to do the best in caring for their parents at a very critical time. It’s a way to get resolution without conflict to maintain relationships that are also very important if you’re going to be able to provide the best of care for your loved ones.