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Arbitration is very different than mediation and it comes about in two ways. Parties sometimes have what we call a mediation arbitration agreement, which is simply an agreement that it’s both process is you go to mediation 1st and if mediation is not successful, either on one or more issues. Then it goes to arbitration arbitration is a final and binding process the mediator becomes the arbitrator if it is to be the same person and they become the decision maker. You don’t have to have the arbitrator, the same person as the mediator. If you feel

that an independent arbitrator would be better. But in many cases when clients have gone through the mediation process. They just want some finality and they want closure and rather than going back into the core process or having to start a process over. They find that arbitration is a good alternative because it can quickly and effectively deal with the issues in which they haven’t been able to agree and bring closure so that they can all move forward from that point.