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Accredited Mediation Services in London and Toronto. Please call for more information. Services available in other locations by special arrangement.
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“Complicated and difficult issues are resolvable with the assistance of an experienced, accredited mediator. What is required is a commitment to make the effort and a mediator who understands the issues.”

Meet Malcolm

Malcolm Bennett has spent over 40 years in the practice of Family Law. He now focuses his practice on mediation and arbitration in family matters. He is a Certified Family Law Mediator (OAFM) and is trained and experienced in Family Law Arbitrations.

In this capacity he has helped many people resolve matters through the mediation process that is respectful, cooperative, collaborative and sensitive to the difficult and emotional issues following separation. He assists the clients to reach solutions and resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Bluewater Mediation is devoted to family mediation, arbitration, teaching and training in alternate dispute resolution and academic writing and presentations on issues related to Family Law and dispute resolution. Malcolm also offers mediation in Estate matters and is trained in Elder mediation.

Bluewater Mediation Services

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a voluntary process, where a neutral mediator supports family members to make decisions, often but not always in the context of separation or divorce. Family mediation can also be used to resolve parenting issues, and to develop cohabitation agreements or marriage contracts.

Family Mediation-Arbitration 

Mediation-Arbitration is a blended process to assist in resolving family issues, which combines mediation with the possibility of a final, binding decision (arbitration), where needed. Mediation-Arbitration is recognized by Ontario Courts as a useful process choice for families.

Elder and Estate Mediation

Care needs arising from the aging of loved ones, or from special needs of adult children, can be uniquely stressful for family members. These stresses and responsibilities – for physical care and sometimes for financial management – can create conflicts and tensions.

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Accredited Mediation Services in London and Toronto. Please call for more information. Services available in other locations by special arrangement.


From Our Clients

Hear from some of the amazing clients we’ve helped in our 12 years of service.
“Malcolm Bennett and his team demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and compassion during an otherwise stressful period. His dedication, integrity and goal-oriented attitude resulted in the desired outcome to our case. My family and I are forever grateful.”

“It is my pleasure to write on behalf of Malcolm Bennett and his support team at McKenzie Lake. I have always been completely satisfied with either the level of service or the results of his work. Responses to my inquiries and concerns are dealt with promptly and efficiently. I have 100% trust and confidence in Malcolm’s judgment and ability.”

“I wanted to send you a sincere thank you for all your guidance and support during the biggest transition of my life. I am grateful for your clear view of my situation and your gentle approach to assisting me in the reality that was and could be. Sometimes in the midst of emotion, stress and uncertainty, it is easy to make irrational decisions.”