Why Review Your Parenting Plan?

If you have kids and a Separation Agreement or Parenting Plan, and your Agreement is more than a couple of years old, chances are that the parenting terms in that agreement may not ‘fit’ quite as well as when you negotiated it in the first place. That plan you had for short periods of time and frequent transitions may not be as attractive to older children as younger children.

Or, the arrangements you made for transitions at school may not be working out quite as you had intended. As we all know, kids change as they get older and parents’ circumstances change. This is why many parenting plans can use a “tune up” every few years.

Mediating changes to a parenting plan or separation agreement can be much less intimidating and stressful than at the initial creation of the plan. Having been separated for some time, you are now an ‘expert’ on which pieces of your initial plan work, and which pieces may cause conflict or upset for you or your children. And, the pain and anger which may still have been present when the initial agreement was negotiated may have dissipated. In short, it may be easier now to meet with your former spouse than it was in the first place.

If you are thinking it might be useful to talk about changes to your parenting plan or separation agreement to help make the terms fit better with your kids’ needs, we would be happy to help. We provide a supportive and caring space where both parents can talk about and plan for kids in a productive environment. If you then agree on changes, Bluewater can assist by preparing a draft Amending Agreement. Or, if the changes are minor, often the conversation between parents is enough to keep things moving in the right direction as you support your children’s development.