grandparents-smooching-teen-bluewater-mediation-london-ontario-bw-photoFamily Mediation
Family mediation is a voluntary process, where a neutral mediator supports family members to make decisions, often but not always in the context of separation or divorce. Family mediation can also be used to resolve parenting issues, and to develop cohabitation agreements or marriage contracts.
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Family Mediation-Arbitration
Mediation-Arbitration is a blended process to assist in resolving family issues, which combines mediation with the possibility of a final, binding decision (arbitration), where needed. Mediation-Arbitration is recognized by Ontario Courts as a useful process choice for families.

First, a mediation is held and every effort is made to resolve the issues in the dispute on a voluntary basis. In the vast majority of cases, issues are resolved at this stage, an agreement is reached, and an arbitration is not required. If the issues are resolved, final Minutes of Settlement or a Separation Agreement will be prepared for the review of you and your lawyer.

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grandparent-grandchild-holding-hands-bluewater-mediation-london-ontarioElder and Estate Mediation
Care needs arising from the aging of loved ones, or from special needs of adult children, can be uniquely stressful for family members. These stresses and responsibilities – for physical care and sometimes for financial management – can create conflicts and tensions.

Elder and family care mediation offers a supporting, caring, and productive environment for family members to discuss care issues, financial planning concerns, and to plan for the diverse needs of those whom they love.

Likewise, the passing of a loved one can lead to disputes amongst family members related to wills and inheritance, and the implementation of estate plans. Estate mediation offers a respectful environment in which to undertake estate planning with family members before the passing of a loved one, and to resolve disputes arising amongst family members after the passing of a loved one.

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