New Ways Program for Separating Couples

Bluewater Mediation is pleased to share information about ‘New Ways for Families’ (‘New Ways’), a very helpful program available to separating couples who are about to start mediation.

The focus of the program is to prepare separating couples to make their own decisions for their families in the most effective way possible. Each participant works with their own New Ways coach for two to three one-hour sessions, separate from the other participant. This is not therapy, but focused on how to make your mediation work for you.

With New Ways, parents learn how to make the most of their mediation. They learn negotiation skills such as how to make an effective proposal; how to respond well to a proposal; and how to stay calm and focused even if things become difficult. New Ways keeps your mediation on track so you get a resolution faster and with less conflict.

Mediation is a new process for many people, and one that can be challenging. Getting prepared through the skills-training offered by New Ways can make parents feel more confident in the mediation process, and more in control of the decisions that affect their lives and their children’s lives.

Bluewater encourages you to consider taking the New Ways program before your family mediation.

For further information, please feel free to contact:
Louise Vandenbosch 519.859.4057 or Tracey Lipp 519.619.4505.