The Bluewater Mediation Process?

The mediation process typically unfolds as follows:

  • Each party signs the Agreement to Mediate
  • Each party completes his or her client information form and send it to Bluewater mediation;
  • Each party has a confidential consultation, in person, with the mediator;
  • Then, the parties have several mediation sessions of approximately two to three hours each, during which financial information is reviewed and documented, and issues related to the children, property, and support, are negotiated. This may require as little as one or two sessions, numerous sessions, depending on the circumstances;
  • The parties arrive at an Agreement-in-Principle which may be summarized in a “progress note” or in a draft contract prepared by the mediator, as the parties direct;
  • Each spouse/ former spouse consults a family lawyer to review the Agreement to ensure that the Agreement meets his or her needs.

Bluewater Collaboration

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