Mediation Without Lawyers

If you are not planning to have your lawyer attend the mediation sessions, the mediation process typically unfolds as follows:
• Agreement to Mediate: Each participant reviews and signs the Agreement to Mediate and sends it to Bluewater Mediation by email or fax
Click Here to link to Agreement to Mediate
• Client Information Form: Each participant completes his or her client information form and sends it to Bluewater Mediation by email or fax
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• Intake Meetings: Each participant has a confidential consultation, in person, with the mediator (the “intake meeting”). These meetings take about one hour for each participant;
• Joint Meetings: Then, participants will meet together for sessions of approximately two to three hours each, during which financial information is reviewed and documented (if there are financial issues), and issues related to the children, property, and support, are negotiated. This may require as little as one or two sessions, or more, depending on the circumstances;
• Financial Documents: To ensure that sessions to mediate financial issues are productive, if there are property issues, the mediator will prepare document such as a draft “net family property statement” based on financial information provided by participants
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• Progress Notes: After each meeting, the mediator will prepare “progress notes”, which are confidential, setting out the main areas of discussion and any tentative agreements which have been reached between participants. These will be reviewed at the following mediation session. These notes may be shared with both clients’ lawyers, but cannot be used in Court. The notes are not a binding contract;
• Draft Agreements: If participants wish, the mediator will prepare a draft Separation Agreement, draft Amending Agreement, or draft Parenting Plan setting out the issues agreed upon in the mediation process;
• Independent Legal Advice: Each participant is strongly urged to consult a family lawyer to review any draft Agreement prepared by the mediator to ensure that the Agreement meets his or her needs.