Elder and Estates Mediation


Care needs arising from the aging of loved ones, or from special needs of adult children, can be uniquely stressful for family members. These stresses and responsibilities – for physical care and sometimes for financial management – can create conflicts and tensions.

Elder and family care mediation offers a supporting, caring, and productive environment for family members to discuss care issues, financial planning concerns, and to plan for the diverse needs of those whom they love.

Likewise, the passing of a loved one can lead to disputes amongst family members related to wills and inheritance, and the implementation of estate plans. Estate mediation offers a respectful environment in which to undertake estate planning with family members before the passing of a loved one, and to resolve disputes arising amongst family members after the passing of a loved one.

Elder and Estates Mediation can be used by families to discuss and reach agreement on issues including:

  • Planning for the care of adult children as their parents age;
  • Planning for the physical care of and financial arrangements for senior members of the family;
  • Determining housing and living arrangements for family members requiring care;
  • Making financial plans with respect to family members requiring support;
  • Making arrangements to support a family caregiver;
  • Addressing caregiver burnout;
  • Disputes among adult siblings related to family care issues or estate issues;
  • Estate planning;
  • Guardianship arrangements;
  • Medical treatment decisions/ end of life decisions; and
  • Disagreements about inheritance.


The Basics of Elder and Estates Mediation

The Bluewater Elder and Estates Mediation Process


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