Do We Have to Agree Before we Come to Mediation?

No. Mediation is for “hard cases” too.
There is a common misconception that mediation is only for cases where separating spouses get along and already agree on most things.
Mediation is much more than that, and is useful also in cases that seem deadlocked at the outset. Even very difficult situations are resolvable in mediation.
Difficult issues that can be resolved in mediation include: where a parent wants to move with the children; where one person feels support is appropriate and the other does not; and where one parent wants 50/50 parenting and the other does not.
“Reviews” and “variations” that are provided for in existing separation agreements can also be resolved in mediation.
Complicated, difficult issues are resolvable with the assistance of an experienced, accredited mediator. What is required is a commitment to make the effort and a mediator who understands the issues. Mediation is almost always time and money well spent.