Bringing the Right People to the Table

Sometimes, separating couples are faced with complicated issues related to children or to financial issues, and require assistance to work through those concerns to each party’s satisfaction.

Bluewater Mediation draws on the expertise of professionals with knowledge about specific challenges faced by separating couples. For example, at your request, Bluewater may assist in retaining:

  • Qualified, mutually agreed upon social workers or psychologists, to assist with issues related to parenting;
  • Qualified, mutually agreed upon financial planners, to assist with issues related to planning for both parties’ financial security;
  • Qualified, mutually agreed-upon actuaries, to assist with issues related to valuation of pensions and other assets;
  • Qualified, mutually agreed-upon valuators or appraisers, to assist with issues related to the valuation of homes and cottages, as well as business assets.

These professionals are then available to the mediation process, for both parties. Their contributions help achieve an agreement that satisfies both parties’ interests, based on the best information.