The Bluewater Child Protection Mediation Process

To start the Child Protection Mediation Process:

  • If you are a CAS worker, and you feel that the mediation process may assist a family you are working with, you or your supervisor can make a referral to ADR-Link through your agency; your agency will contact the Manager of ADR Link, by phone at 519-679-7250 ext 150; or by fax at 519-679-4234. (Click here for more details about the referral process:
  • If you are a family member, you can speak with your CAS worker or the CAS supervisor, indicate that you are interested in the process; if they agree that the process would be beneficial, they can make a referral to the process;
  • Please note that referrals are NOT made through Bluewater Mediation. If you are a CAS worker, please contact ADR Link as set out above; if you are a family member of a child of concern to the CAS, please contact your CAS worker or supervisor to learn more about the process.
  • Once a referral is made, ADR-Link will identify a qualified child protection mediator in your area.
  • The mediator will contact the family members and the CAS worker to learn more about the issues.
  • Intake Meetings: The mediator will hold individual meetings with family members, the CAS worker, and with any lawyer who has been appointed for a child or the children (through the Office of the Children’s Lawyer). The mediator will confirm whether this is an appropriate case for child protection mediation.
  • If the mediator determines that the mediation will proceed, a date and time will be set for a mediation session. The mediator will plan the timing of this meeting with family members and the CAS worker.
  • Mediation Sessions: Mediation sessions usually last between two and three hours. Sometimes only one mediation session is needed and sometimes more sessions are needed.
  • Completion: When the mediation is completed, the mediator will either:
    • write a summary of the proposed settlement, if the matter has been resolved, or
    • write a letter indicating that the matter has not resolved. If the matter does not resolve, no details are given regarding the mediation.