The Basics of Child Protection Mediation

Child Protection mediation is a voluntary process – for mediation to proceed, all participants must consent. If family members and the CAS agree to use the process, then it may be an option to consider, rather than proceeding to Court.
Child Protection mediation is confidential. Nothing said in the mediation can be used in Court except the mediator’s summary of the agreement reached.
Child Protection Mediation is Free to Families: There is no cost to use child protection mediation services. The cost is covered by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, through ADR-Link.
Child Protection Mediation can be used for any of these reasons:
• To negotiate terms of a Supervision Order
• To make plans for Society wardship
• To make plans regarding Crown Wardship
• To develop and openness plan for an adoption
Child Protection Mediation can be used at the beginning of CAS involvement, after court proceedings have been initiated; or as a follow up process once plans have been made for the child or children;
Child Protection mediation can be terminated at any time by any participant. There is no obligation to continue once the process is commenced. If mediation terminates, the mediator does not report on why the process ended or what happened in the mediation.