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Malcolm Bennett has spent over 40 years in the practice of Family Law.  He now focuses his practice on mediation and arbitration in family matters.  He is a Certified Family Law Mediator (OAFM) and is trained and experienced in Family Law Arbitrations.  In this capacity he has helped many people resolve matters through the mediation process that is respectful, cooperative, collaborative and sensitive to the difficult and emotional issues following separation.  He assists the clients to reach solutions and resolution in a timely and cost effective manner.

Bluewater Mediation is devoted to family mediation, arbitration, teaching and training in alternate dispute resolution and academic writing and presentations on issues related to Family Law and dispute resolution.

Malcolm also offers mediation in Estate matters and is trained in Elder mediation.

Here is just one of the many positive comments Malcolm has received for his work

“I wanted to send you a sincere thank you for all your guidance and support during the biggest transition of my life. I am grateful for your clear view of my situation and your gentle approach to assisting me in the reality that was and could be. Sometimes in the midst of emotion, stress and uncertainty, it is easy to make irrational decisions.” ~Anonymous

Malcolm can be reached at malcolm@bluewatermediation.com or at 519-660-6726

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Since becoming a lawyer in 1972 Alf has been involved in a multitude of family law cases dealing with every issue imaginable. Although he has had a very successful career as a litigator, he came to the realization that most cases can be resolved without the formality, expense and delay of the court system. He now spends his professional time helping clients and their lawyers settle cases, usually, in a one day mediation session. In addition to its efficiency, the mediation process is more conducive to spouses being able to maintain an amicable relationship after separation and divorce, which is vitally important in cases involving children.

When the lawyers are unable to reach an agreement, Alf is often retained to be the arbitrator. In these instances he is called upon to be a “private judge” and make a binding final decision after an arbitration hearing. Alf offers his mediation and arbitration services in all cases when family members are in conflict, including common law couples, shareholders in a family business, estate matters or family trust issues.

You can find out more about Alf by looking at his profile in this website. Those wishing to know more about Alf’s mediation and arbitration services can contact his assistant, Peggy MacAulay at peggy@bluewatermediation.com.

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